Padded Cell and Other Stories - Gallery Exhibition

The new show by Gerard Mannix Flynn and Farcry Productions will be opened officially in October 2010
The space will be open from 16th Sept onwards to view Padded Cell and Other Stories

After decades of cover-up, recent State investigations have, at last, uncovered the scale of the abuse perpetrated against Irish children by Church and State. The reports published answer in painful detail the questions of what was done to children in Irish institutions, how it was done and where it was done, but other more disturbing questions remain; the questions of why this abuse was allowed to happen and what is to be done now.

This exhibition creates a fictitious character James X, an victim archetype complete with student reports, psychological assessments and police records detailing a horror story of criminal abuse inflicted upon a child lost within a civic-religious state system of 'care'. Based upon actual records the work is engaging and provocative and unfortunately completely believable.

Performances to be announced:

at 43A Vyner Street, E2

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