Violent Flash Mobs

Interesting article about youth gatherings turned into violent rushes through civic areas:
From NYTimes:
PHILADELPHIA — It started innocently enough seven years ago as an act of performance art where people linked through social-networking Web sites and text messaging suddenly gathered on the streets for impromptu pillow fights in New York, group disco routines in London, and even a huge snowball fight in Washington.
Young people filled South Street in Philadelphia on Saturday in what officials said was the latest flash mob to turn dangerous. Seth Kaufman was injured in the flash mob Saturday, which he called “a tsunami of kids.” But these so-called flash mobs have taken a more aggressive and raucous turn here as hundreds of teenagers have been converging downtown for a ritual that is part bullying, part running of the bulls: sprinting down the block, the teenagers sometimes pause to brawl with one another, assault pedestrians or vandalize property.
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