Wrestle an artist

Press Release: If you need to direct your feelings of disappointment and negativity somewhere constructive, Anthony Schrag has the answer. For one day only he will be your human punch-bag, because he wants to see you ‘smile and sweat’. Schrag is fed-up with culture that plays it safe and offers cerebral solutions. He is far more interested in making a direct physical connection with his audience, even if it means he ends up pinned to a wrestling mat.

“Violence occupies an important place within history and mythology, but all too often (and especially in this current political climate) it is relegated to being undesirable, unwelcome, and base. We sometimes forget about its cathartic ability; as a great unifier; as a mirror to the common and raw beast inside us all.”


Come along to spectate, support your friends, or if you are brave enough, take on Schrag for a round. For more information or to book your round, contact Limbo on 078 1278 0984 or email info@limboarts.co.uk giving your name and telephone number – or just turn up.

Okay I'm considering going, could use a good venting... of course it's a bit of a trek from London.... feel free to sponsor my wrestle

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