Iran's Green Revolution (updated)

The situation in Iran is intense and I just received this incredible first-hand report of the protests happening right now. This is information that is not posted in most western media outlets and is incredibly informative. The report was sent via an Iranian friend, you can check out his facebook for more links and information.

They have requested we please share this, so I am blogging it and ask you to forward it as well:

" 'So this is what a coup d’etat looks like,' said a friend today. You go to bed and wake up the next day and see the police everywhere. The “military” government announces its unprecedented victory, calling it a sign of “divine approval”. And any sign of unrest is immediately dealt with through a show of the police state’s force. Is this it? Being in the middle of such events
makes it difficult to try and compare it with what one knows from history, or, the image of that history that one has in one’s mind."

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"Why does it feel so natural to say just that: ALLAHU AKBAR? If I wanted to, I could have stuck with the more politically charged “Death to Dictatorship”. But there are very clear reasons why I, and I am not alone (of course, this is not to doubt that other people may have stronger religious sentiments than I do), choose to participate in this, with absolute confidence in saying it: ALLAHU AKBAR. It is an invocation. On the one hand, it is strategic for all of us to use this system‟s own language against it: by saying ALLAHU AKBAR, we show that we are not against the Islamic Republic. We show not only a unity with one another, but also with the same system that has stolen our vote, spat on our integrity, the same system that sends its police and plain-clothes militia men to the streets to beat and stab people in the name of “God”."

Click to continue reading Part II (updated 14 June 2009)

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